Curator-Eric Leung

“transINK” indicates the fluidity of ink as a medium.


Ink art constantly changes through time. The introduction of western techniques and approaches during the New Ink Art Movement in the sixties and seventies had even revolutionized the use of traditional ink and brush. The contemporary elements take inspirations from various kinds of technology and everyday objects, extending the possibilities of art, pushing the development of ink art to new challenges and opportunities. Contemporary artists reform and enhance the representations of ink art and combine ink aesthetics and philosophy with other artistic medium.


Daguan Gallery has invited ten artists from Hong Kong and Macao to participate in this exhibition dedicated to ink art. The artists challenge the idea of traditional ink art with unconventional medium, creating contemporary works which are innovative and pioneering. The exhibits include video art, new media, photography, installation and sculptures. One is able to explore ink art with experimental elements and approaches through the exquisite exhibits.


Kum Chi Keung

Born in Hong Kong in 1965, Kum has exhibited in major exhibitions and biennales in the US, Germany, Australia, South Korea and Taiwan. He has been awarded with the Urban Council Fine Arts Award at the Hong Kong Art Biennale and the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards. Kum is known for sculptural and installation works that explore the society, culture and the environment, and have entered the collections of Louis Vuitton, DIOR, Hong Kong Museum of Art, K11, Bank of China and Deutsche Bank.


Mok Yat San

Born in Guangdong in 1968, China, Mok graduated from Hong Kong Chinese University and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and is a faculty member in the Fine Art Department in Hong Kong Chinese University. He had won the Art Olympia with his sculptural work, and was awarded with the Artist Fellowship, Freeman Foundation Asian, New York. He has also been commissioned to create public art in Hong Kong and overseas in recent years. Mok bases his concepts on aesthetics and is known for his unique use of 3 dimensional and highly sculptural works.


Man Fung Yi

Born in Hong King in 1968. Man has won the Hong Kong Women of Excellence in the Six Arts Award, Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition Award and Artist Fellowship, Freeman Foundation Asian, New York. Her works can be seen in the collections of M+ Museum, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Jiang Su Art Museum, Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art, Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Art and Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. She is known for her meditational ink installations and trademark metal sculptures in the shape of clothing.


Lam Yau Sum

Lam was born in China. He graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University with a degree in Fine Art in 2010. He has joined numerous exhibitions in both Hong Kong and overseas, and has exhibited in various art fairs such as Art Basel Hong Kong, Art Taipei, Art Asia Miami and Fine Art Asia and Ink Asia. His works have gained recognition in the contemporary art scene, also are widely welcomed and collected by private collectors, corporate and Art Museum, such as Hong Kong Museum of Art, MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum and the Greece Copelouzos Family Art Museum.


Yiu Chu Tung

Born in 1982, Yiu obtained his bachelor’s degree from Aoraki Polytechnic

In New Zealand and master’s degree in fine art from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. He has participated in Asian Art Fair, GFAA Beijing ad London ART14. His delicate and meticulous paintings have also won him Art Next Expo International Artist Prize.


Fung Kuen Suet, Michelle

Born in 1982, Fung obtained her bachelor’s degree from British Colombia University in Canada and master’s degree in fine art from Hong Kong Baptist University. Her works have been exhibited in the US, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, South Korea and China, and he has also been invited to Banff Art Centre in Canada and Listhú Art Space in Iceland as artist in resident, and explores the relationship between one’s emotions, life and the environment.


Wong Siu Ling, June

Born in Hong Kong in 1986, Wong was educated in Hong Kong Art School and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, and was awarded with the “C&G Award” during her studies. Her video works are put together through sketching, collage and repainting. Through the landscapes, objects, sound and black and white monochrome colours, the works speak of the desperation and helplessness one feels regarding the current situation.


Season Lao

Born in Macao in 1987, Lao has been known as an award-winning artist, graphic and multi-media designer since his university years. Having participated in the design of Louis Vuitton’s souvenirs, he remains artistically active in Portugal and Europe. Lao’s works explores the strong bound between nature and me, and reflect on the contemporary society that is controlled by the economic environment.


Carla Chan

Born in 1989, Chan graduated from City University of Hong Kong and lives and works in Berlin and Hong Kong. She has been awarded with Hong Kong Arts Development Awards with her multi-media works such as video art, installations, photography and prints. The use of multiple medium enables the artist to reassess photography and moving images.


Tse Chun Sing

Born in Hong Kong in 1995, Tse graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University and currently lives and works in Hong Kong. He has won Award for Young Artists Media Art, the Karin Weber Gallery Art Award, and has also worked as an artist in resident in Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art. His works explore the possibilities of unnoticeable objects in life by transforming them into installations. Tse is particularly drawn to sounds, and aims to investigate the meaning of sounds.