Existentialist philosopher Martin Heidegger proposed the term being-in-the-world to indicate the closely-knit and harmonious relationship between men and nature. The unoccupied lands in the wild are still reflected and influenced by the world of men, for the consciousness cannot be avoided and continue to reflect on art works created by men.


We have carefully selected works by artists from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan to participate in this group exhibition. Takeshi Shikama and Yen Chun capture the world of nature through camera lenses and paint brushes; Li Tingting and Cheng Tan Shan’s observation on landscapes and their relationships with the space are shown on their ink paintings; Cheuk Ka Wai and Cheung Wai Man distant themselves away from the world of men and focus on the lives of animals and how they had become such an important part of human history; Jin Feng and Chan Sui Ying’s sculptural works break away from two dimensionality in seek for different ways of representing their art. Through installations, sculptures, photography, oil paintings and ink art, the viewers are invited to explore the possibilities of art via a wide range of media.