“Seeing you amidst the dreams where flowers flourish, yet please don’t mourn the withered flowers when you wake.”


As one of the most distinguished poets in Taiwanese literature, Hsu Hui-chih’s devotion to ink art since 2017 has attracted attention from different fields. Apart from the invitation from Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Hsu’s works have also been shown in various art fairs and exhibitions in Taiwan and overseas, where they proved to be highly in demand.


The exhibition “Flourishing Amidst Dreams – Hsu Hui-chih’s Ink Art” will unveil several new works by Hsu which had not been on public display. They represent literati characteristics such as poetry, calligraphy, painting, seals and framing. From “a poet’s sentiments”, “the wisdom of Buddhism”,“literati emotionalism”, to “beyond appearances”, Hsu Hui-chih bases his art on literature, Buddhist philosophy, classical art and explores unconventional techniques, creating fine works in ink.


The title of the exhibition “Flourishing Amidst Dreams” taken from his poem of the same title, can be seen as a metaphor to the path of life, questioning the existence of the world. As a literati, artist and collector, Hsu Hui-chih’s art reflect on his observation of the world as well as his disciplined character. His ability to combine the material and the spiritual worlds enables him to create unorthodox and highly characteristic works using ink as the key medium.